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            Chicago Stock Exchange bid clears national security review | Reform can bring gaokao level with the times | 设为首页 | 加入收藏
          • Colombian ambassador extends support to China
          • Elite officer from Hunan excels as recruiter for UN
          • Xis SCO speech draws positive reactions from foreign journalists
            5cm to a towering 8cm), the brands heels can also be personalised. [2019/4/22]
            >Given that European countries and China have long sought to explore initiatives to broaden free trade, why dont they jointly walk the talk? The subject of a free trade agreement has stirred considerable debate between insiders and observers from both sides for quite a while. [2016/5/27]
            Zhao, who had been in Xi’an on business at the time, reported the theft to police immediately. [2015/1/11]
            But Beijing will continue to be the engine driving the growth of the region, Zhou said. [2017/10/11]
            Accepting bouquet from well-wishers at a small party in the nursing home where she lives in the western city of Osaka, Okawa sat by the cake, decorated with 116 in candles, and later pronounced it as delicious. [2018/4/7]
            During our investigations, we hired local villagers to patrol the area, day and night, he adds. [2018/9/21]
            It has proved highly successful. [2019/10/20]
            The IPO was shadowed for months by Facebooks troubled 2012 debut, in which the shares quickly fell below their offering price amid trading glitches and subjected the company and its lead banker, Morgan Stanley, to accusations that they had been greedy in pricing the deal. [2015/11/3]
          Sign of the times – grads scramble for cover   更多>>
            6 trillion yuan (0 billion) in taxes for businesses since 2012. [2018/11/20]
            The dialogue will strengthen our strategic consciousness and confidence, consolidate and deepen mutual trusts, exploit strategic cooperation at all levels and help us better carry out our strategic roles on regional and global issues, said Wang. [2018/5/19]
            In a difference from those recruited previously, these experts are getting more involved in Chinas strategic planning by providing suggestions directly to the State Council. [2015/3/20]
            Its going to be about those moments on TV that you wont see anywhere else that will resonate with the public and move them to go stream or buy a song or an album, he said. [2015/10/17]
            It managed to land at 2:10 am on Saturday at Beijing Capital International Airport. [2016/11/19]
            The nurseries will help create a better environment for their healthy growth by providing good physical conditions as well as sufficient psychological intervention, the statement said. [2018/10/26]
            She said Hanban has sent about 10,000 professional teachers and volunteers to overseas Confucius institutes and classrooms, although it is currently short of both professional teachers and teaching materials. [2015/5/26]
            Chinese PresidentXi Jinping(2nd R, front) meets with European Council President Donald Tusk (3rd L, front) and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (2nd L, front) in Beijing, capital of China, July 12, 2016. [2019/2/11]
            GUANGZHOU - Two more people were confirmed infected with H7N9 bird flu in two Chinese provinces, health authorities said Wednesday. [2017/3/15]
            So leakage could happen at more than 200,000 points in the terminal, said Huang He, the Beijing Institute of Architectural Designs chief architect. [2018/12/23]
          学术动态   更多>>
            Xherdan Shaqiri also vaulted into contention by scoring a hat-trick as Switzerland beat Honduras 3-0 to qualify second in Group F. [2018/11/24]
            To address their demands, we have worked out three solutions, she said. [2016/7/23]
            Sun added the best time to enjoy the show will be the full bloom period, which is expected to be near the end of July. [2015/12/27]
            Its population is even slightly smaller than that of giant pandas. [2019/12/04]
            The U-turn was completed on Monday. [2019/2/20]
            Some of them have led to eutrophication of the sea water and disrupted the balance of the maritime ecosystem, officials with the provincial government said. [2016/12/12]
            They studied the responses of 4,309 families that took part in the China Social General Survey carried out by Renmin University in 2008. [2019/4/29]
            Areas around Beijing would see cleaner air by the end of this yearChina unveiled an environmental plan on Wednesday to curb air pollution in its northern region, which constantly suffers smog in the winter. [2016/5/6]
            Since the time after the two conferences this year, we went deeper in relative research and verification and further collected opinions from concerned departments, organizations and various local governments, according to requirements by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. [2018/6/11]
            Meanwhile, we are expanding our presence in China by establishing new production facilities in Shanghai, Changzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou and Chengdu, etc. [2019/11/8]

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